8399 Garvey Ave Mixed Use

Location: Rosemead, California
Client: CH Auto
Lot Size: 52,996 sqft
GFA: 60,917 sqft
Program: Residential 48,777 sqft ; Retail 10,300 sqft; Restaurant 1840 sqft ;

The project is located at the center of San Gabriel Valley, where is an agglomeration of the ambitious cities that are dedicated to promote the urban living and increase the density of the new development. The existing auto shop siting in the site is a family business ran by the owner which will be demolished in the new proposed project.

There will be a total of 48 residential units on top of a commercial podium, which accommodates around 11,000 sqft of the retail and restaurant space. The shape of the site is a challenge because it is in a triangle which is less desirable. However, with its long side overlooking the adjacent Zapopan Park, it is an opportunity to take the advantage of the open space and tribute to the living to the residents. We proposed single row apartment building sitting along with the Garvey Ave and the Zapopan Park to provide the best views for the apartment unit. At the same time, the building volume broken apart and create a communal space with swimming pool in the heart of the project, on the podium level.

At the same time, we managed to create a series of smaller communal spaces taking the advantage of the other triangle comers. It is not only help to break down a massive volume of 48 units apartment building, but also created intriguing indoor-outdoor living in a denser urban setting.

There are vertical green walls proposed to embrace all the open space. It is a nice feature to the residents as well as to promote a green and sustainable standing of the project.

Three levels of the residential units includes 4 very low income affordable units. And all the parking required by the retail and residential units are provided through the ground floor parking garage and one level of the basement parking.

Along with the Garvey Ave, the stop front of the retail shops sets back from the pedestrian and created interesting interface with the city, which contribute to a friendly and pedestrian oriented design criteria of the urban mixed-use project.