Archimorphic Office

Location: Los Angeles, California
Client: Archimorphic
Area: 4,500 ft2

This one-story 4,500 ft2 masonry building is situated on a 7,500 ft2 lot, in an up-and-coming neighborhood with substantial new developments. The existing building was previously owned by a Japanese architect and last renovated over 30 years ago.

Typical of an architecture office in the 90’s, the building was subdivided into multiple small office spaces, with stockpiles of building material samples and blue prints.

With a desire to have an open space concept, we removed all existing partitions, leaving only the bathroom walls in their original central location.

The floor plan is primarily divided into two main units, the owner’s unit with street frontage and a tenant space in the back. The units share a long corridor that connects the front door to the back parking lot. Situated just off the middle of this corridor are two handicap accessible bathrooms, stationed between the two units.

Before Renovation

Office Renovation

We removed the existing suspended ceiling system in order to maximize the interior height and expose the structure. Insulation is neatly tucked between the wood rafters and covered with black scrim, leaving the electrical and mechanical ducts exposed.

With the use of pendant light fixtures, the space appears loftier than its actual 9’8” clearance. The existing carpet and tile work were also removed to reveal the concrete slab underneath. After much grinding to level the floor and polishing for refinement, the concrete floor was given a second life.

Throughout the property, Archimorphic’s distinct orange adds pops of color among the clean white walls and black painted exposed ceiling.