Ariel City Parcel 10

Location: Zhengzhou, China
Client: Henan Bulandeng Property Co., LTD.
GFA: 285163.97m2
Program: Residential 201290.81 m2; Retail 2347.61 m2; Community Center 1884 m2; Kindergarten 2942.31 m2
FAR: 3.65

Ariel City is located at the junction of Honghe Road and Hengsi Road in Zhengzhou, Henan province. The entrances of the project are located at the south and east side to not interfere with urban green spaces located at the north and west sides. The project includes (10) residential towers, (1) community center, (1) kindergarten. The (6) identical towers are arranged around the four large unit buildings 2, 3, 9 and 10 and the central garden. The composition forms an opening facing the western urban green space. The community center and kindergarten are located at the east side, adjacent to Zongsan Road. The design begins with the intent to connect nature through the imagination of life into a series of space elements: courtyard, patio, balcony, terrace, and plants. Through these platforms air, light, and life are transfused into the interior of the building.

The unit plan covers a wide range of sizes from 90 square meters to 200 square meters. The proportion of the four typical unit 90 m2, 120 m2, 160 m2, 200 m2 is 4:2:2:1, to meet the needs of different family sizes. The balcony is functionally a continuation from the inside, a platform connecting people and nature; visually, it is also the “virtual” in the façade of the building, the focus of the eyes, it becomes the design focus of the whole tower.

Each unit is equipped with at least two balconies- one for leisure and one for work. All master bedrooms have direct access to the balcony. The balconies are spaces to connect people with nature. In addition to views and natural light, the balconies create natural ventilation to reduce energy consumption. The design of the balconies creates a more organic space with planters to allow green space across the entire façade.

White aluminum panel was implemented as the main shaping material, which contrasts well with the dark paint. The combination creates a clean modern look. The King Tower uses four-floor modules with staggered balconies that extend up to 13 meters to create a dynamic façade.

The Community Center and the Kindergarten continue the concept of ribbons with brighter colors. Orange ribbon symbolize the sun and blue ribbon symbolize the sky surround the five boxes of the kindergarten. The top of the ribbon shields the sun and rain and the bottom becomes a platform for outdoor activity. The playground and roof garden create spaces for children to play and learn the natural sciences. The community center is separated by a central courtyard. It is divided into east and west halves and decorated with ribbons of different colors. The external part faces the road, including commercial rooms such as supermarket, retail, and gym, while the community health station, community service center and property office rooms are in the internal part at the west, the building realizes function and forms integration.