Ariel City Parcel 5

Location: Zhengzhou, China
Client: Henan Bulandeng Property Co., LTD.
GFA: 115331 m2
Program: Residential 79652 m2 ; Office 2430 m2 ; Club 879 m2 ;
FAR: 3.50

Ariel City Parcel 5 is situated at the crossroad between Wanling Road and Yuanfuyuan East 10th Road. In response to the urban green space south of the site, the main and secondary entrance of the community are located on the north and southeast side.

The project consists of five residential towers, a club house and an office complex. Tower 1, 2, 4 and 5 are positioned around Tower 3 (King tower) to ensure views of all towers are optimized. A clubhouse is situated at the main entrance of the community to the north, which provides a unique experience welcoming all the residence home. It also provide a series of amenities such as Library, lounge, Valet parking and such high-end services that enhance the luxuriousness of the project.

Additionally, there is a car elevator behind the iconic golden band of the King tower is built-in. Residents can drop off their car at the clubhouse and it will be transported directly to their sky-garage attached to each of the unit.

The retail building is strategically positioned adjacent to the king tower to allow for convenient access to amenities between both buildings.

This design concept was evolving around ‘openness’. There are floor-to-ceiling windows, corner windows, patios and balconies to contribute to the high-rise indoor-outdoor living, generating a diverse variation of “natural” spaces with maximum air, daylight and view.


The glorious color of gold intertwines with the dark grey and white ribbon, along with the changes of Mother Nature colors in all seasons, arose a luxurious sensation for its residents at all times.