Beihai Hotel

Location: Beihai, China
Client: Henan Shixian Co., LTD.
GFA: 45,350 m2
Program: Commercial 3,656 m2 ; Hotel+Amenity 29,189 m2 ; Underground: 12,565 m2 ;
FAR: 0.32

The Beihai Hotel Project is located in the southern part of Beihai City, Guangxi, far from the urban area, facing the sea, rich in landscape resources and superior geographical location.

The land area is 102925.64 m² (154.39 acres), which is the largest piece of land in the Beihai Silver Beach hotel group. The challenge of the design is to meet the quality of the five-star standard, as well as to make the project stand out among the many hotels along the beach by implanting unique business concepts and resort lifestyle.

In terms of overall layout, along Yintan 3rd Road, the hotel is equipped with a banquet hall, street-side commercial. The main entrance, underground garage entrance are set at the Northwest corner. After entering the hotel, an art landscape axis serves as the main traffic flow, which stretches to the beach.

On the east side of the axis are the unique guest room groups, which are divided into seven-courtyards and twelve-courtyards. These groups can meet consumers of all sizes, from couples and family, to large gatherings of friends and company groups–all can be welcomed through the combination of rooms. Each group has complete facilities, and an open public courtyard, providing a comfortable micro environment.

The guest rooms have independent sunken courtyards, hydrophilic decks, swimming pools. Several duplex suites are scattered in private areas, providing high-end suite quality. On the east side of the axis, the plot is raised in conjunction with the landscape design, and the lower part is used as a parking function. Three Stacked Suites are located on it. Each Stacked Suite can provide more than twenty rooms of different sizes. They are well-placed, combined with private gardens, swimming pools, etc., to create a unique lifestyle.

The overall design provides a rather relaxing environment, through the control of the facade materials, combined with the unique Southern plants, friendly and organic holiday atmosphere is created. Compared with the surrounding hotels, the products in Beihai Hotel are characterized by the concepts of “art”, “courtyard”, “neighborhood”, and “dynamic”. Through differentiated development strategies, it avoids conflicts among surrounding hotels, as well as provides tourists with unique holiday experience.