Changzhi Apartment

Location: Changzhi, China
Client: Changzhi High-tech Zone Construction Development Co., Ltd.
GFA Above ground: 88,797 m2
GFA: 120,551 m2
Program: Commercial 19,935 m2 & Apartment 68.862 m2
FAR: 2.87

The project is located in Changzhi, Shanxi Province. Total land area is 41545 m2. Commercial entrances and exits are arranged on Huihua Road, Weiliu Road, and Weiliu Branch Road, which the residence could freely walk though. The main entrances are on Huihua Road. Alongside Zhuoma Avenue, Huihua Road, Weiliu Road, 600-meter-long commercial space are inserted. There are two underground garage entrances on Huihua Road and Weiliu Branch Road, controlling the commercial and apartment traffic and underground parking.

The first and second floors are designed for retail space, creating a commercial interface inside and outside the block, advocating and encouraging the commercial movement among people. Four apartment buildings are set from the third floor, and the shapes are interspersed freely to achieve development strength, as well as ensuring the apartment’s living quality. The main product of the project is the apartment of 4.8 meters width, and equipped with a small number of apartments of 3.2 meters width, as well as several special apartments with balcony at corners. At the same time, on the ground floor and second floor, the 9.6m column grid width is divided into two, which also ensures the rationality of the commercial space.

The facade is designed in a simple and modern style. The dark exterior wall is decorated with light gray aluminum panel. The inclined decorative panel at the corner sets off the unique design on the entrance, as well as highlights the simple style and the elegant temperament. The building adopts a window wall system, which has good thermal insulation performance and provides sufficient lighting for each unit. Each building is equipped with a spacious independent apartment lobby, giving the residence a high-end and private living experience.