Hillside Forest View Sales Center

Location: Kunming, Yunnan, China

Client: Sino-ocean

Lot Size: 1200 ㎡

GFA: 1225 ㎡

Program: sale center

Time: 2019

The building is in a mountainous area with a lot area of ​​1,200 m2 and a building area of ​​1,225 m2. It includes a reception hall, model display, connection and accessory rooms, which are connected by a spiral ribbon. The architectural design combine the existing planned tour flow with the architectural and landscape design, which creates an interesting dialogue between the building and the site.

There are two options for the location. The No. 1 site is located on the top of the mountain and has an area of ​​around 500 m2. The No. 2 site is located slightly below and has an area of ​​1200 m2. The reason for choosing No. 2 is that the base area is larger, the building shape can be more stretched, and a good display surface is created. At the same time, as the base is two separate sites, and the middle overhead area cannot construct an enclosed indoor space, which is interrupted regardless of the building shape or function. In order to solve this problem, we skillfully utilized the bridge that will be constructed in the future and modified it to give the bridge more meaning than a single connection.

The customer was first taken to the top of the mountain by a tour bus, overlooking the panoramic view of the sale center on the viewing platform, then slowly descending the steps and gradually approaching the building. Entering the central square through the winding air bridge, before entering the building, the customer has fully appreciated the panoramic view of the site and stopped to take photos at any time. The corridor then naturally introduces the customer to the southern sales hall for a visit and rest, or enters the northern building along the ramp to visit the site model and negotiate area. As the ramp hovers down, it is a resting platform that provides a place for employees to relax. Through this landscape bridge, the entire site is connected in series, and various functions such as viewing, visiting, consulting, and purchasing are combined.

The two building blocks are purely minimalist, without extra decoration, connected by a piece of lightweight roof, and two concave shapes enclose the inward center to form a dialogue. The shape of the building is in sharp contrast with the organic form of the cloud bridge, making the building look simple but tensioned, eye-catching from a distance.

Cloud Corridor Sale center from Archimorphic on Vimeo.