Donghanli Residential Facade Design

Location: Zhengzhou, China
Client: Zhengzhou Xindaguan Property Co.,LTD
GFA: 285,173 m²



The site is based on a typical market driven residential project in China. The intention is to generate a dramatic facade representing its uniqueness in a way that blends the complexities into its surroundings within all the constraints of the project.

As the project going through the planning department review, there wasn’t much freedom given to the architect to revisit the design and improve the aesthetic aspect of the project. There is very much limitation of the building height and profile determined by the local sun regulation. Also, we understand the importance of preserve the original floor plan design that was shaped by the local market forces, as well as the unique life-style of Chinese people. So that we design the building facade in a smart way without interfering with any floor plan elements.


The aluminum frame with 400mm*400mm sectional dimension was introduced as the primary design element of the facade. It has minimum impact to its functionality and economics. The waving movement pattern was generated by the gradual profile changes of the frames, and eventually became a picturesque field of vivid movement.



The low-rise design fully consider the difference of the building mass and the floor plan. The horizontal movement in the tower has been reconfigured into vertical movement and apply to the existing building massing. Using the same color scheme throughout the project, helping to tie these different building massing into the same picture in harmony.