Golden Ring Condo

Location: Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
Client: Runao Group
GFA: 55,379 m2
Building Density: 16.52%
FAR: 3.68

With the continuous evolution of urbanism, housing needs not only to satisfy the basic living demands of future residence, but also to consider the relationship between its interface and the city. This Condo project is located in downtown Shijiazhuang, with excellent traffic accessibility and corner view. Therefore, the layout of the house not only needs to consider the internal relationships, but also its impact to the city level. By meeting the sunlight setback, the twin towers form a frame to naturally introduce the vision into the site by holding each other sitting at the southeast corner. The administrative mansion located at the northwest corner of the site. While retaining its privacy, it also ensures the ventilation through the South to the North, demonstrating its imposing manner.

The future mode of living needs to create more interaction with nature. The glass curtain wall design opens the 360-degree panoramic view of the tower, which not only brings sunlight and landscape into the interior, but also allows people to enjoy the city view from all angles. In the design of the façade, we introduced the sky garden and the sky pool into this iconic administrative mansion. The four-storey form combines the sky garden and the sky pool in a spirally staggered upward trend. This staggered design not only creates a high-quality living area with high space for each household, but also brings a lively and interlaced dynamic sense to the tower, breaking the flatness of the traditional tower building. impression.

The twin towers at the southeast corner ensure the quality of the public space while maximizing the economy of the small units. The side facing the corner of the has a high space, so that the public areas of the two towers form a dialogue. The design of the chamfer on the facade brings a continuous and elegant visual experience. The change of different angles brings full details. The repetition and change of each façade unit wraps the air conditioner outside while ensuring good light transmittance. The design becomes part of the façade, which not only enriches the overall shape but also satisfies the internal space requirements. The sky garden connected the two towers visually in a way using glazing floors. It not only brings a panoramic view to the roof, but also the shape of the top continuation of the façade make the twin towers become the iconic image of the intersection.

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