Golden Ring Sales Center

Location: Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
Client: Runao Group
GFA: 1,803 m2

Approaching the development, future residents are welcomed with a lush landscape of trees and foliage. Before long, the lush landscape gives way to a nearly endless waterscape upon which the Sales Center appears floating. Moments of gold punctuate the cool grey interlocking geometrical shapes. As the shapes dynamically shift, they reveal the pure glass box within. The myriad of reflections echo between the glass box and waterscape blurring the two into a single, unified experience. The Sales Center’s interior offers an open and comfortable environment to engage in conversations about joining the community. Large display models, maps, and unique gathering areas activate the space. To highlight the development’s commitment to meaningful longevity, the Sales Center will be transformed into the central figure of the community, the Clubhouse. As the gateway to the development, the building’s design embodies a connection to nature, context, and the contemporary community.