Hanjiacang Business Park

Location: Zhengzhou, China
Client: Hanhai
GFA: 190,478 m2
Program: office, SOHO, retail, shopping center
FAR: 3.00

Hanjiacang Business Park is a proposal for a 190,000 square meter, mixed-use project located in Zhengzhou, China. The program includes a shopping mall, outdoor retail, SOHO tower, office towers, and sky bridge towers. A five-star hotel occupies the upper levels of the 150 meter tower, while the lower levels and adjacent tower consist of office space.

The focus of this charrette will be the sky bridge towers. Our towers implement a glass curtain wall to convey simple, elegance as a backdrop for two moments of energetic geometrical difference— the sky bridge and sky clubs. These moments exist to impart an iconic presence of the towers. The sky bridge dually functions as a hotel lobby and connection to hotel amenities in the adjacent tower. The bridge itself may or may not also contain program. Any additional advantages that the bridge adds should be highlighted to help preserve the bridge’s existence during the value-engineering phase.

The Super twin tower is formed by two clean, vertical glass box with horizontal curved box to respond to the speed and geometry of the highway. The dynamic SKY lobby is extended at west and east facades so as to create monumental moments. These moments are the key elements to be the landmark. The 150m tower is applied with vertical elements in order to emphasize on the height. The directionality and movement also lead to a landmark effect.

Structurally, the client often relies on concrete construction due to its cost effectiveness and labor abundance. With that said, we will recommend steel construction for the bridge as it will produce an outcome more in-line with the design intent. For the towers, we are open to explore alternative structural solutions. Currently, the concrete columns are inset one meter from the perimeter, but interruptions in the floor plans still occur. For example, would a structural exo-skeleton be a possible approach? I will leave this to the experts…

Green roofs and ramps create a dynamic landscape that covers the mall and lifestyle retail. The mall has two big green roof, steps down as an inviting gesture. The green ramps actively lead people into the retail space behind the mall. The extensive green landscaping creates a park-like condition in which the towers sit. The facades of the towers also contain a lot of outdoor space to pull the landscape vertically. In addition, the facades visually relate to the adjacent residential towers to connect the two lots.