Hillside Residence

Location:Pasadena, CA
Area: 9,500 ft2
Auxiliary: 2,000 ft2
Under construction
2016 – 2021

Hillside Residence from Archimorphic on Vimeo.

The Wong residence is located in an up-scale, hillside neighborhood in Pasadena, California. Situated high in the hills, the 11,500 square foot residence aims to capture the panoramic views in order to elevate the high-end living experience.

Archimorphic 1609_BirdsEye_Southwest_01

Within the landscape, linear forms shift, rotate, and stack in response to the natural topography and alignment toward views.


Opaque walls on the west elevation alleviate privacy concerns, while the transparency of the east elevation erases the boundary between the interior and exterior. At night, the entry feature walls are illuminated with our  specialty lighting products that can be digitally controlled and programed.

To further frame the views and spaces without confining them, the design incorporates a formal wrapping technique, reminiscent of the mid-century modern architecture style.

The technique also produces opportunities for large overhangs and opaque areas, as needed.

Archimorphic 1609_Perspective_Southeast_01

Most importantly, the framing creates a sense of shared space between separate functions, such as between the Outdoor Space and His/Her Studies.

Archimorphic 1609_Perspective_Northeast_01