Hillside Top of The Cloud Sales Center

Location: Kunming, Yunnan, China

Client: Sino-ocean

Lot Size: 1178 ㎡

GFA: 1212 ㎡

Program: sale center

Time: 2019

The sales office is located in the Yunding Project in Kunming, Yunnan. The base area is 1178m2 and the total gross floor area is 1225m2. The architectural design is based on three volumes, symbolizing the three spiritual pursuits of the gentleman in Chinese Confucian culture: “Rituality”, “No Device”, “Innocent”.


After exiting the highway, you can park in the parking lot, walk to the landscape node – the green tree, and then enter the lobby of the sales center. Along the way you will see the lawn, the water feature, and the north facade of the sales center on the right hand side. Inconvenient walking customers and VIP customers can get off at the drop-off area on the southeast side of the building. From the front square to the lobby, the highest part of the lobby is a 12m high wooden structure, and a decoration wall guides people into the reception desk on the left side of the lobby. After the reception, people will enter the art gallery. This area is a dark room. There is a booth and a large screen playing promotion video. After the movie is completed, the screen will retract to both sides, and the courtyard experiencing area appears in front of you.

After the outdoor visual experience is over, you will enter the sand table model area. Negotiation space, VIP room, financial contract room and the water bar around the sand table model. The north and east sides of the negotiation space are water features, and the west side can lead to the backyard and model home. After the visiting model home, you will return to the negotiation space, the exit and negotiation space are close to each other, without having to turn back to the original point. The restroom and stairwell are located at the other end of the corridor, with an employee entrance and stairs leading to the second floor.

Hillside cloud sale center from Archimorphic on Vimeo.