Sias Residential

Client: Henan Bulandeng Property Co., LTD.
Project Location: Zhengzhou, China
GFA: 271,867 m2
Program: Residential 192,980 m2 ; Retail 1,653 m2 ; Community Center 1,626 m2 ; Kindergarten 1,845 m2
FAR: 3.12




The Sias Residential project includes the design of a community center, kindergarten, retail building, and the facades for eleven residential towers. The challenge was to work within the confines of the existing residential floor plans provided by the client and create a functional, dynamic facade. The provided floor plans encompass the unique lifestyle of the Chinese culture, in turn the facade design is a direct extension of this cultural uniqueness.







The design intent for the facade was to create balconies that flow and pose together yet inadvertently express individuality. The balconies, like swans, are graceful, elegant, and display a sense of transformation from land to sky. In terms of functionality, the swans provide privacy walls between units and add an individual feeling of formality to each unit. Slight alterations between solid and transparency transform the swans as they shift between floors and individual units. These alterations create a series of movement that is pleasing to the eye much like swans gliding on the lake.





The additional low rise buildings were designed with a similar two-tone treatment to that of the residential towers. The bold forms of the white painted aluminum panels relate to the residential balconies and create a floating effect at the human scale across the site. The community center did not receive a two-tone color and because of its central location within the site and proximity to water and vegetation remained as a monolithic white/transparent mute mass.