Sinian Headquarters

Location: Zhengzhou, China
Client: Synear Food Holdings Limited
GFA: 41286 m2
Program: office(for hold) 11887 m2 ; office(for sale) 11332 m2 ; hotel 15050 m2 ; retail 3017 m2 ;
FAR: 5.95

Located in Zhengzhou’s prominent, new Central Business District (CBD), Sinian Headquarters is situated directly adjacent to the high speed rail, giving the company nearly instantaneous access to the entire country.

As one of China’s leading companies, Sinian focuses on pioneering, innovation, collaboration, and making with heart to produce iconic projects. The company started in the food industry with the production of frozen comfort foods. Sinian understood the deeper significance behind comfort foods to encompass warmth, family, friends, and memories, or the “home experience”. The innovative application of flash-freezing to comfort foods significantly increased accessibility to the “home experience” across great distances and to large groups of the population.

During the peak of China’s rapid urbanization, Sinian expanded its expertise into developing to capture the “home experience” with physical architecture. In collaboration with leading architects, Sinian strives to realize its vision of iconic, architectural projects that blend ecological sensitivity, sustainability, and healthy living lifestyle. Within these projects, new and long-lasting memories will be formed.

Sinian Headquaters from Archimorphic on Vimeo.


SInian places great importance on memories by bringing together the warmth of the past and the promising potential of the future. The headquarters formally embodies this philosophy with one façade facing the train station, memories, while the other looks toward the Central Business District, the future. Cradled between the two facades is the “heart” of the building. The “heart” is a group of stacked shared spaces that stretch from the main atrium through to the hotel. Each space contains program that embodies one of the core values: making with heart, collaboration, innovation, and pioneering. The spaces foster social interaction, relaxation, and informal office space to create a unique and enjoyable office environment.