Synear City

Location: Zhengzhou, China
Client: Henan Hanhai Property Co., LTD.
GFA: 204,124 m2
FAR: 3.99
Program: Mall 44,090 m2 ; Lifestyle Retail 22,484 m2 ; LOFT 68,360 m2; SOHO 69,090 m2


Synear city is a mixed-use project with capacity of 204,000m2, including 44,000m2 commercial shopping mall, and 22,000 m2 life-style retail street. Three high-rise towers provide around 140,000 m2 LOFT and SOHO units, which has 4.48 m floor to floor height. It is one of the most popular products in the market due to its adaptability to change of use. The five towers along the south and east sides of the project will retreat to major commercial spaces and commercial streets along the main roads to the north and west.

The unique programming strategy provides a great opportunity for the life-style retail to be complemented by the large shopping mall. A series of outdoor plazas with different nature and accommodation possibilities streamline the flows, creating unique outdoor commercial experiences. In addition, the sky track and an indoor children’s playground contributing to drawing people to the upper floor of the retail. The unique LED lighthouse is established in the main entrance of the life-style retail, which not only plays a role in guiding the flow into the retail street but also becomes an iconic symbol in the commercial project.

The programs and the design of the shopping mall are full of the themes of green, sports and waterscapes. There is a water street-themed amusement facilities on the third floor of the mall. The large-scale glass greenhouse with triple height space is a large green house providing the visitor unique indoor theme entertainment experiences. In addition, a tropical-style dining roof garden will connect the green house to the roof level to provide a completed indoor/outdoor experience.

One of the LOFT towers runs along the Dongfeng Canal, embracing fantastic waterfront views. The other two LOFT towers and the retail below extended along the South-side of the project, facing to its residential portion of the project. These two towers are rotated fifteen degrees apart, forming a fluid and diverse interface of the south street of the project. The SOHO Tower houses an amazing sky-club bridging over the sky between the life-style retail and the shopping mall. The floating sky club complementing by a cantilevered swimming pool off the SOHO tower, is the highlight of the project, appealing to the general public with an excited architectural presence.