The Green Carpet

Project name: Maldives Airport Economic Zone Competition

Location: Hulhumalé, Maldives
Client: Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd.

GFA: 101,566 m2
Program: Shopping Mall 21,556m2 ; Lifestyle Retail 11,689 m2 ; Serviced Apartment 16,693 m2 ; Convention Center: 16,472 m2 ; Airport Service Center: 6,835 m2; Hotel 20,886 m2; Community Center: 7,435 m2
FAR: 1.74

The Green Carpet from Archimorphic on Vimeo.

The project is located at the heart of the western coastline of the first phase of the island Hulhum Male, to the south of Venala International Airport, and the east of Central Park. The ferry terminal is at the western coastline of the site. The central landscape axis of the Central Park passes through the center line of the base.

The planning principle of this program is based on the functional zoning of the general plan, which provides a realistic basis for the structural transformation of the Maldives tourism industry. The design features two parks: the Green Belt Park on the ground floor and Green Carpet Park on the second floor. The Green Carpet Park links several functional areas and provides the public green space for the city, as well as a public activity platform for the entire site. In the processing of coastal relations, more small docks and viewing platforms have been added, providing convenience and support for convention and exhibition, hotel and other service facilities at the base.

The proposal also provides shadow space in response to the local tropical rain forest climate. The Green Carpet Park provides space for parking on the ground floor; each individual building is lifted to create semi-outdoor space for visitors to rest. At the same time, the buildings are lifted to effectively reduce the damage caused by natural disasters such as tsunamis.

The morphology of the building design are inspired by local architectural references. One is originated from the vernacular architectural form of thatched house in Maldives. It is articulated in a blobbed building mass enclosed by a rusty metal cladding. The high-rises volumes floating above the green carpet, are the morphology which is inspired by the fishing boat .The two architectural forms echo with each other.