LuxeLake C19 Parcel

Location: Chengdu LuxeLake, China
Client: Chengdu Wanhua
GFA: 88,500 m2
Program: Residential 80,300 m2 ; Retail 8,200 m2
FAR: 3.5

The project site itself is over 1,200 hectares (3,000 acres), a collection of hills, wetlands, lakes and canals with over 45 kilometers (28 miles) of shoreline. Located to south of Chengdu’s historic center, this new town with over 100,000 population characterized by flat flooded fields interwoven amongst low, evenly spaced hills crowned with woods and terraced orchards.

The natural beauty of the site is the inspiration of our tower design for the C-19 Parcel of Luxelake, Chengdu. The project is located at the heart of the wide open lake which has so much views to offer for the high-end luxurious condo with unit size ranged from 160m2 to 500m2. To maximize the value of view, the king tower of 150m with 350m2 and 500m2 units is placed to captivate the best of the views at the waterfront, and the 160m2-180m2 units are set back, alongside with the waterfront, embracing the king-tower while also owns very much views from the entire open lake. The retail building as supportive facility, is located to the north corner of the site with easy access from the main road.

The study of four photos of different nature elements with parametric computation reveals very interesting geometries that can be integrated with our balconies design. The balconies are crucial outdoor living spaces for residential in this region. The waving water pattern was captured and applied to the facade design.  To differentiate the king tower design, Two orientations of wave patterns are applied to the two types of tower respectively.

The design of retail building is taking the traditional Chinese garden design as a reference. A lifestyle shopping street is introduced to the site, with a continue stepping roof garden that offers gathering and greenery spaces for customer, while at the same time, to compose a beautiful landscape for the residences above.