West LA Affordable Housing Proposal

Location: Los Angeles, California
GFA: 100,436 ft2
Status: Request for Qualification/Proposal 2016

In collaboration with Abode Communities, Archimorphic developed a preliminary design proposal for a (53) unit, 4-story affordable housing complex to be located in West Los Angeles. The proposal implements a courtyard typology common to the surrounding area and suitable for the climate.



As the eye moves across the elevation, from one end to the other, focus on aperture elements moves up and down the façade following the elongation and shrinking of the wood-framed punctures. These windows and balconies oscillate in a rhythmic pattern breaking-up the rigidity of a typically gridded façade.


The englazed double height lobby alleviates the solidity of the bookends by breaking the corner and opening an interior gathering space. Above the lobby, the massing steps back to create outdoor communal space and reveal the exterior corridor.




The large courtyard provides ample green space, natural light, and a sense of community for the interior facing units. In addition, community features such as a multipurpose room, community center, laundry room, and parking are strategically placed to foster social interaction.