Xi An International Cultural Center – II

Location: Shanxi, Xian, China
Client: OCT Group
Lot Size: 20,612㎡
GFA Above ground: 277,424㎡
FAR: 13.46
Building Density: 47%
Time: 2020

The OCT Xi’an International Cultural Center project is located at the core of the Xiaozhai business district, the second largest business district in Yanta District, Xi’an. The west side is adjacent to the city’s north-south central axis Chang’ An South Road, the north side is adjacent to Yanta West Road. About 100m away from Red Brick South Road, is a commercial plot developed by Lai’ An Group, and the east side is a planned road. It is 5km away from the landmark of Xi’an city center, the Bell Tower, 3.5km away from the high-tech CBD, and 2km away from Qujiang CCBD. The location of the project site is superior, the transportation is convenient, and there is a strong cultural atmosphere around the base.

The total area of the site is 20612 square meters. Including: three-story commercial podiums and super high-rise towers; the three office towers are tower 1 and tower 2 with a height of 246.85 meters respectively, and tower 3 with a height of 98.85 meters arranged along the east side of Chang’ An South Road. The project also has four underground parking lots and a civil air defense basement. Total floor area above ground: 277,424 square meters. Underground construction area: 68171 square meters. The main functions of the project planning and design include retail street, office, international high-end clubs, etc.

The Silk Road is not only an in – land passage connecting Eurasia and even North Africa and East Africa, it has brought prosperous trade exchanges be – tween East and West countries, and it has also increased cultural exchanges. The crisscross road network and the developed cities along the way are the intuitive feelings of the entire Silk Road.

Extracting the crisscross road network of the Silk Road and the intention of prosperous city nodes along the road, the story is abstracted and expressed in a simple formal language.

The façade design of the tower borrowed the intention of the Silk Road and used simple vertical language to emphasize the posture of the tower rising from the ground, making it more slender and agile. The three low, medium and high aerial platforms between the towers are used as public activity spaces, providing a place for people who live here as air station, people can meet, rest, and provide unlimited possibilities for entertainment and social activities.

The retail façade combined with the changes in the materials of the building façade, a deformation process is generated, so that the advertising signs required by the commercial block are placed. The design is integrated with the architectural design. In the lighting design of the tower, inspired by the shadow play in Guanzhong, the night façade is treated in the form of a projection on the facade of the sales center. It is a re-interpretation of historical elements by modern technological means.