Xi’an Peace Fort Mixed-Use – I

Location: Xi’ An, Shanxi, China
Client: OCT Group
Lot Size: 41,282㎡
GFA Above ground: 64,591㎡
FAR: 1.56
Building Density: 40.6%
Time: 2021

This project is located at the core of the commercial plate of Datang Never Sleeping City, Phase I of Qujiang New District. The land for the project is located in Taipingbao Village, Qujiang New District, Xi ‘an, Shaanxi Province, south of Cien Road and east of Cien East Road, with an area of about 61 mu. Taipingbao Village in Xi ‘an, located here, was once the last village in the city next to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, with a good geographical location.

As the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties, Xi ‘an is a city with rich cultural and artistic atmosphere. With the rapid development in recent years, a large number of young people have poured in. How to position and serve these young people with the cultural background of Xi ‘an is the focus of our planning. We hope that through the combination of science and technology and art, Taiping Fort will become a cross-border complex of architecture, art, fashion, movies and music with its own flow, a base for projecting historical memories with the future of science and technology, and a punch-in hot spot for gathering future Xi ‘an art hipsters.

As a comprehensive commercial project, it consists of the following core parts: hotel group, apartment group, commercial street group and landscape group.

The main building of the hotel extends to the north side of Ci ‘en Road. To Jionji Ruins Park, and to Tang Hua Hotel. Combined with the layout of urban green space, it reflects the overall urban space intention.

The apartment group includes hotel apartment group and property apartment group, and the living and commercial facilities are arranged in combination with the commercial street, so as to provide necessary living convenience for the residents of this project. The difference in elevation design highlights the individuality of the two products.

The village-themed commercial street runs from north to south along Ci ‘en East Road, echoing the opposite retail. The commercial streets on the first and second floors are arranged around the atrium, with three important spatial nodes, namely, the interactive projection front square, the NFT electronic art center square and the VR/AR virtual reality square. The arrangement of these spatial nodes increases the interest and richness of the space.

The design of the central landscape adopts an organic geometric form, which brings a contrasting natural ecological effect to the rational and rigorous building volume. The central landscape combines the underground supporting facilities of the hotel, and through the setting of light wells and sunken squares, the functional groups are connected in all vertical dimensions. Form a space with proper functions in the center of the site.