Xi’an Peace Fort Mixed-Use – II

Location: Xi’ An,  Shanxi, China
Client: OCT Group
Lot Size: 41,282㎡
GFA Above ground: 64,591㎡
FAR: 1.56
Building Density: 40.6%
Time: 2021

The galaxy track is a strolling system that connects the entire park. They are located on the minus one, first floor and roof level. The plank road on the roof is also very accessible. It can not only reach the roof through the core tube of each building, but also directly reach the fitness and viewing corridor on the roof through the main entrance and the sightseeing ladder in the southeast corner of the park.

The track on the roof runs through the entire park and connects all roofs in series. This five-hundred-meter long landscape corridor, overlooking the central axis of Datang Evernight City in the west, the commanding height of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the north, and the beauty of Furong Lake in the east, is the ultimate experience of the Yanta landscape area.

The roof greening is arranged around the galaxy plank road, which adds a touch of green to the roof walk, while also reducing the absorption of sunlight, improving the thermal performance of the building, and reducing the green island effect. The roof equipment and the core tube are combined with the roof shape and hidden in the grille frame of the roof. The transparent effect of the grille not only provides good ventilation for the equipment, but is also very beautiful and exquisite, increasing the landscape level of the roof.

This unique roof runway is highly topical, overlooking the rich park life inward, and the rich cultural landscape of Yanta District outward. Different from the traditional runway, the winding runway echoes the people’s health demands and adds interest to life. Will surely become a unique opening point for Internet celebrities.