Xiang Lake Residential

Location: Zhejiang, China
GFA: 120,170 m2
Program: Residential 116,570 m2 ; Kindergarten 1,800 m2 ; Community Center 1,800 m2
FAR: 2.42





Xiang Lake project was inspired by the idea of framing a residential neighborhood around a central lake. Residential towers are strategically situated around the site in order to maximize sun exposure and uninterrupted views of the central lake. Towers that border the site bend inwards, resembling a butterfly in plan, in an effort to focus and frame unit views toward the central lake and nearby gardens. Located in the heart of the site, just north of the lake, the King Tower bends outwards to capitalize its views, while in turn increasing privacy between units. This improved privacy is achieved by reducing line-of-sight into adjacent units. The remaining space between towers provides ample recreational space with covered seating areas for its residence.



The design of the towers is a contemporary homage to traditionally large Chinese roofs. Its enlarged roof elements tilt upwards on the sides then fold downwards to outline extruded masses and balconies. The slight angling of the vertical dark fins emphasizes the internal light-colored masses and exaggerates the depth of the extrusions.



The community center delicately floats on the lake, like a river pebble, and is accessible by pier walkways. The community center is encased in a perforated-screen shell, which provides sun shading and defuses climatic elements. Its three floors shift off the center axis, revealing walkout balconies and a rooftop garden. The building sits comfortably adjacent to the Kindergarten, allowing for easy accessibility to day care and tutoring centers.