Zhengzhou International Health City

Location: Zhengzhou, China
Client: Hanhai Daguan Real Estate
GFA: 864,715m2
Program: Residential 547,012 m2; Cultural Center 22855 m2 ; Conference Center 124,014 m2; Elementary School 33161m2; Middle School 24273m2; Health Big Data Center 12202m2;

The project site is located between the South Fourth Ring Road and the Southwest Expressway in Zhengzhou City, 7 kilometers from Zhengzhou South Bus Station and 9.3 kilometers from Zhengzhou Station. The total land area is 350,000 square meters. The west side of the site is a large area of ​​mountainous land. Phoenix Island and Butterfly Valley are located among them, mainly forests, farm lands and Jiangang Reservoir, with good landscape resources. The northern part of the base is the food city, and the residential area is mainly concentrated in the east and south. The project is dedicated to building a health-themed community with a focus on the medical services industry, including business, conference, hotel and apartment facilities.

This project combines the surrounding nature and urban resources to integrate ecology, leisure, comfort and high quality living. Introduce four layers of landscape elements into the design, radiate inside and outside. It includes the urban green field at the edge of the area, the leisure space at the inner area, and the entertainment space at the core of the area. These green zones tie the internal lots closely, and makes this area open to the city through an oblique green corridor. The design also incorporates a number of landscape bridges connected to the landscape belt to create a pedestrian-friendly living environment.


The first phase of the Health City design consists of six residential sites, one primary school, one large health data center, one conference center and one cultural center. The design has arranged the king residential towers on the 5th and 12th lots around the three public buildings. The building stretches horizontally and each unit has a large balcony.

The small and medium-sized units are arranged on the 8th, 9th, 13th and 14th residential lots. The façade design pursues the integrity of the architectural language, the proportion is harmonious and unified, and the details are exquisite and delicate. The blue-gray glass is complemented by dark gray, light gray wall aluminum panels, and the simple and powerful shape highlights the modernity of the building.