25th Street Mixed Use

Location: Zhengzhou, China
Client: Hanhai
GFA: 482,708㎡
Program: SOHO, retail, flat, condo, townhouse, villa, office
FAR: 2.02

The Sinian Investment Industrial Base is located in the Economic Development Zone in the eastern part of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. The net land area is 23.11 hectares. The three plots are distributed in L shape, which are integrated into different green design themes: shared green carpet, elegant forest and Self-cultivating greenhouse. It combines a variety of space forms, including high-rise residential, high-rise office, townhouse, retail and community centers, to present a vibrant and comprehensive neighborhood.

The elegant forest in the southeast lot is a demonstration area. It consists of villas, townhouses, mountain towers and petal towers with a total construction area of ​​140,000㎡ and a total floor area ratio of 2.07. The townhouse at the southeast corner of the lot, which surrounds the main entrance at the southeast corner, directs people into the four petal-shaped villas in the center of the site.

The group has their own group gardens, and the bottom three floors are townhouses with a building area of ​​320-330㎡, facing the garden and having a private garden. Located on the top of the villas are five petal towers, which are the main product in this lot. Each floor is about 430 ㎡, with a special flat form of “buy one get one free”: each level is a single unit, with one upper or lower floor as outdoor garden as the gift.

The petal group is surrounded by four mountain-shaped towers in the southeast corner. The mountain towers is a two-family per floor duplex type, each with a large outdoor balcony. With the change of building shape, the floor plan of each floor is not the same, offering the owners a unique and exclusive experience.

The southwest block is mainly mid-end apartments with a land area of ​​77,000㎡, a FAR of 2.78 and a total building area of ​​210,000㎡. The theme is the shared green carpet, which provides a shared communication platform for young residents through the undulating sloped green roof. The plot consists of five SOHOs and five mid-end flats with a community center.

The northeast block locates high-end villas. The land area is 120,000 ㎡, with a FAR only 1.39. The theme is self-cultivating greenhouse. The three mid-end flat office buildings are surrounding the high-end villas in the middle, and the community center is a greenhouse garden. The overall is a low-density green healthy community.