Shanghai Shichuanghui Business Park

Location: Shanghai, China
Client:  Shanghai I&F Enterprises Development(Group)Co.,Ltd.
GFA: 484,808 m2
Program: Residential, Office, Retail, Amentities;
FAR: 2.21

Shanghai Shichuanghui Project is located in Putuo District of Shanghai. The planned total land area is 10 hectares. It is adjacent to Hujia Expressway in the north, Taopu West Road in the east, Gulang Road in the south and Zhangjing Binhe in the west. The total construction area is 480,000 square meters and the floor area ratio is 2.21. Shichuanghui Business Park is located in the northwestern part of Shanghai and covers an area of ​​about 100,000 square meters. It will support the realization of the business strategy of Putuo and will also greatly enhance the image of the city in the northwest of Shanghai. Relying on Shanghai, facing the Yangtze River Delta, radiating the country.

Shichuanghui Business Park is adjacent to Hujia Expressway, Waihuan Expressway and Zhonghuan Road, and there is a 15th subway line crossing the east side of the project. Line 26 crosses the south side of the project. The two subway lines and a bus hub located in the north side brings a lot of people to the site. At the same time, the project is surrounded by residential areas, providing great convenience to the surrounding residential areas. The north side pedestrian flow is mainly from the Hujia Expressway and the newly built bus hub. The main flow of people on the east side of the project mainly comes from Gulang Road subway station and the second phase of the project. The south and west flow of the project is from the bus, driving or walking to the site.

As the highways, bus hubs and green belts on the north side of the project that can brings in people, the surface should be treated as an active high-speed display surface. In addition, the east side of the flow can directly enter the site from the subway station, also brings in people in this direction and the level of activity. At the same time, Gulang Road as the main road on the south side should become the commercial display surface of the entire project. The strategy of placing commercial programs on three sides of the site to create a distinctive commercial façade while surrounding the internal import trade city.

Program includes nearly 40,000 square meters of high-end business office tower, 110,000 square meters of 100 meters office tower, 16,000 square meters of Sam‘s club, 23,000 square meters of multi-story retail, 140,000 square meters of underground import commodity city and amenity buildings. The format includes Sam’s club, auto showroom, fashion goods market and high-tech exhibition hall. The overall is fashion, innovation and integration, willing to create a modern intelligent industry headquarters office park.

Shanghai Shichuanghui Business Park from Archimorphic on Vimeo.